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WildHQ Gift Card

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$25.00 NZD
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$25.00 NZD

If you have a friend or loved one with a dog or cat - this is the perfect way to share your love of WildHQ with them. Giving them a WildHQ Gift Card will introduce their pet to premium wild game raw meals, chews and treats.

Select the value you want to spoil on your loved one. We'll send you a digital Gift Card with a code and you can send this onto them. The Gift Card is only redeemable at our online store.

For all information on shipping costs, policy and how to ‘fill your box’ for the most economical shipping cost visit our handy shipping guide.

To receive deliveries in main urban centres before the weekend - orders must be received by 12pm (noon) on Thursdays.


One digital gift card refundable on WildHQs website store.