Our Way

Setting a new standard of premium

We’re raising the bar for pet food and doing right by our dogs and cats. But we’re premium in more ways than one.

Yes, we go to great lengths (and heights) to source nature’s best bounty. And yes, we team up with animal nutritionists to give our pets the most delicious and nutritious recipes. But we also shine a spotlight on sustainability. And rather than pipe-dream perfection, we aim for practical progress as we help bring balance to Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.


Meet Blair

At first glance, Blair never saw himself being a butcher.

With Blair’s history as a commercial helicopter operator, it was never in the plan to start a pet food company from scratch.

But when the world went into lockdown in March 2020 and tourism ground to a halt, Blair did what we all did; stayed at home and scratched his head.

As a pet lover and naturally nuts, it was only a matter of time before Blair got thinking about his dog (Milly and Bella) and how much he missed being out in the mountains. 

Until one day, he had a lightbulb moment.


The best for our pets

Happy stomachs, healthy coats, a natural spring in their step… our pets need the right nutrition in the right amounts to thrive. But it takes more than just high-quality animal protein to fuel their vitality.

So as well as feeding their instincts with the finest raw wild game, we use the freshest New Zealand-grown produce – like kumara from Kaipara and carrots from Canterbury – plus essential vitamins and minerals to deliver complete and balanced recipes that meet (and exceed) global AAFCO standards.

And as well as clear labels and honest ingredient lists, we work with leading animal nutritionists to create the best whole-prey recipes for our pets; investing in studies along the way to prove just how premium our products are. 

  • We love nature as much as we love our pets. But it’s no secret that the growing populations of wild game are damaging New Zealand’s native habitats and impacting the best carbon storehouses we have on land.

    So to protect our unique biodiversity and help restore these ecosystems to a healthy, balanced state, we source wild game in a sustainable and ethical way through our Wild Animal Recovery Operations concession with the Department of Conservation and consents with private landowners.

  • Our sustainability journey focuses on practical progress rather than pipe-dream perfection. 

    By following efficient harvesting practices and removing the animal, we’re already minimising the impact wild game has on our natural environment. And because all our ingredients are grown and made in New Zealand, we’re one step ahead of companies who import to produce.

    But we still release carbon dioxide. We can’t change that, but we can reduce it.

    So as well as committing to efficient and energy-saving production methods wherever we can, we also support conservation charities that help bring balance back to our biodiversity.

    And as part of our long-term goal, we’re working towards rejuvenating the natural habitats threatened by wild game and offsetting the carbon we produce by planting natives back into New Zealand soil.