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Puppy Food - Wild Venison Medallions - 1Kg

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An easy-to-serve, healthy, 'Complete & Balanced' meal for puppies and their mums.

100% wild venison fused with delicious natural and organic ingredients including; carrots, kumara, canola oil, ground venison bone, organs plus essential vitamins and minerals, DHA, prebiotics and probiotics. This is a 'Complete & Balanced' meal developed by our Pet Nutritionist Dr. Shay Rutherford. 

Your precious puppies wont need any other food when on this petfood. It's formulated to exceed the AAFCO nutritional levels for early growth and development of puppies. And it's perfectly safe and super healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers!

Our wild game has roamed free its whole life in New Zealand's high country. So your pets get the best prime cuts of the purest meat that’s free from preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and fertilisers.

We aerially cull the wild game ourselves, then turn this delicious venison into nutritious pet food at our MPI Certified Nelson factory. And for your peace of mind - and ours. - we do independent batch testing at Massey University for disease or contamination. 

Each resealable pouch contains approximately 18 x 57g frozen medallions. 

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100% Wild venison meat, kumara, carrot, venison bones, rapeseed oil, sea salt, vitamins and minerals, DHA, prebiotics, probiotics.

• Wild Venison Meat
- High in protein and amino acids for muscle growth and tissue repair
- High in iron for healthy blood and circulation
- High in B vitamins, particularly B12 which is important for energy production, to support the nervous system and immune system
- High in potassium which is an electrolyte important for regulating blood pressure and maintaining healthy nerves and muscles.

• Wild Venison Bones
- Source of Calcium and Phosphorous for strong bones and teeth

• Rapeseed Oil
- Rich source of Omega 6 fatty acids, in particular linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid which must be supplied in the dog’s diet
- Omega 6 fatty acids are important for reproduction, growth, immune function and skin and coat health
- Source of Omega 3 fatty acids which assist with a number of functions in the body including eye health, brain health, skin and coat health, immune function and heart health
- Source of the antioxidant Vitamin E

• Kumara
- Good source of dietary fibre for a healthy digestive system
- Source of antioxidants including Vitamins C, E and A

• Carrots
- Rich in many vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A for eye health, vitamin K, Calcium and Phosphorous for bone health and antioxidants such as vitamin C
- Good source of dietary fibre for a healthy digestive system

• Sea Salt
- Source of minerals including sodium and chloride which are important for fluid balance, blood pressure, heart health, immunity and muscle function

- An essential omega 3 fatty acid which aids in the proper brain and eye development of puppies
- Supports healthy joints
- Supports skin and coat health, heart health and a strong immune system

• Prebiotic
- Offer several benefits including digestive health and development, digestive function and immunity
- Stimulates the growth of normal gastrointestinal flora
- May help improve the absorption of minerals

• Probiotic
- These provide good bacteria to the body, helping to eliminate excess bad bacteria
- Aid with digestion and support cells in the gut lining, helping to create a healthy digestion system

Nutritional Info

Protein (min) 15.5%, Fat (min) 7.7%, Crude fiber (max) 0.6%, Ash (max) 3.3%, Calorie content (kcal ME/kg) 1512

Feeding Guide

With most breeds you should feed our puppy food for the first 12 months of their life. For feeding advice for puppies refer to the Feeding Guide website page. Note: These values are for puppies after weaning. We recommend this daily amount be divided into 3-4 meals per day until 6 months of age, and 2-3 meals per day from 6 months until fully grown. Our Puppy food has been formulated to also be fed to Pregnant Mothers and Lactating Mothers for the early growth and development of their puppies. For feeding advice on pregnant or lactating mothers refer to the Feeding Guide page. Note: Every dog is different. Our Feeding Guide is only a guide. In consultation with your vet you can confirm what the ideal weight of your dog should be. Then adjust the amount of feed to reach and maintain that weight.