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Dog Food - 5Kg Wild Goat Medallions Bundle. Shipping included.

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A Complete & Balanced Meal. 5Kg of frozen Wild Goat Medallions. Created for people with medium to large sized dogs this bundle contains approximately 90 x 56g medallions. Packed inside a liner bag within a 10 litre recyclable polystyrene box with an ice pack. The shipping cost is included to urban delivery - rural delivery may incur additional costs.

Made with 100% raw, wild goat meat and fused with delicious natural and organic ingredients like carrots, kumara, canola oil, ground goat bone, organs and essential vitamins and minerals, this product is formulated to exceed the AAFCO nutritional levels for maintenance in adult dogs. 

An easy-to-serve, healthy, 'Complete & Balanced Meal'. Your precious pooch wont need any other food when on this petfood. As a novel protein and an anti-allergenic food it will be very beneficial to dogs with skin allergies.

The Wild Goat Medallions are naturally higher in fat so this meal is great for more active dogs and dogs that may need to gain some weight. However, it is less suitable for overweight dogs, dogs that need to stay lean, or dogs prone to pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus or heart disease. Wild Goat is also an easier protein on the stomach so it's a good choice for dogs with gastro or digestion issues.

Our New Zealand wild game has roamed free its whole life. So your pets get the best cuts of the purest meat that’s free from antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, fertilisers, fillers or grains.


100% Wild Goat meat, kumara, carrot, goat bones, rapeseed oil, vitamins and minerals.

•Goat Meat
- High in protein and amino acids for muscle growth and tissue repair
- High in iron for healthy blood and circulation
- High in B vitamins, particularly B12 which is important for energy production, to support the nervous system and immune system
- High in potassium which is an electrolyte important for regulating blood pressure and maintaining healthy nerves and muscles.

• Goat Bones
- Source of Calcium and Phosphorous for strong bones and teeth

• Canola Oil
- Rich source of omega 6 fatty acids, in particular linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid which must be supplied in the dog’s diet
- Omega 6 fatty acids are important for reproduction, growth, immune function and skin and coat health
- Source of omega 3 fatty acids which assist with a number of functions in the body including eye health, brain health, skin and coat health, immune function and heart health
- Source of the antioxidant Vitamin E

• Kumara
- Good source of dietary fibre for a healthy digestive system
- Source of antioxidants including Vitamins C, E and A

• Carrots
- Rich in many vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A for eye health, vitamin K, Calcium and Phosphorous for bone health and antioxidants such as vitamin C
- Good source of dietary fibre for a healthy digestive system

• Vitamin and Minerals
- Supplies essential vitamins and minerals which are required for a huge range of processes in the body

• Sea Salt
- Source of minerals including sodium and chloride which are important for fluid balance, blood pressure, heart health, immunity and muscle function

Nutritional Info

Protein (min) 13.3%, Fat (min) 8.9%, Crude fiber (max) 0.6%, Ash (max) 3.8%, Calorie content (kcal ME/kg) 1602

Feeding Guide

The amount to be given depends on the weight of your dog. We recommend just two feeds per day. Refer to the Feeding Guide page on this website found in the Footer Menu.