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- SPECIAL!! - Dog Chew - Air-Dried Wild Venison Neck Chops - 500grams

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100% Wild Venison air-dried Neck Chops. That’s it!

Our yummy neck chops have a good solid bone and chunks of venison meat. These chews will be great for dental health and contain the calcium your pooch needs. 

Our New Zealand wild game has roamed free its whole life. So your pets get treats and chews free from antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and fertilisers.

Suitable for any adult dogs. Always supervise your dog when feeding it treats and chews.

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500 grams of 100% Air-Dried Wild Venison Neck Chops. That's it! No additives or preservatives.

Feeding Guide

This is a chew treat only. Supervise your dog when eating dried treats and always provide lots of fresh water. CAUTION: This item comes with a silicon moisture bag within the pack - so make sure this is not given to your dog!