Fixing Luca's Skin Allergy with Venison Medallions

Fixing Luca's Skin Allergy with Venison Medallions

Of our local Nelson vets recommended Phillipa come and try our raw food diet might help with her dog Luca's skin allergy...

Testimonial – Philippa and dog Luca (through Nelson Vets)

"We own a 7 year old Golden Retriever Luca who we got as a young puppy. He was 10 months old when we got him. We knew he had some issues but we didn’t know quite what they were and after watching him scratch and lick incessantly for a very long time we decided to get some help which ended up being on Apoquel medication which is really expensive. So after using Apoquel we’ve found that it worked but it isn’t the silver bullet so we decided we needed a fresh approach and went to another vet and she handed me a brochure for WildHQ Petfood.

So I went into WildHQ Factory Shop and got a bag of Wild Venison Medallions and we’ve noticed a massive difference in his skin and in himself as well. He’s happier. He’s engaged and he’s not the mopey dog that he was. He’s just so much healthier, he loves the food, he’s excited for food now. We’ve tried every dried dog food on the market, pretty much, and they all say that they’ll fix skin (allergy) issues or relieve them and we didn’t have any success. I’m not saying they don’t work but we didn’t have any success with that.

Luca’s excited for food now and he just laps it up which he never used to do. He actually used to be quite a fussy dog. It’s definitely the venison food. He still has the Apoquel but we’ve noticed such a difference that it has to be. There’s no question. It has to be the venison food. So we’re very happy.

So I would say to anyone that’s got a dog who’s got skin issues – itching, licking – to give WildHQ Venison Medallions or Mince a go."